Our Focus on Stories

When faced with the loss of a loved one we believe you are faced with two distinct options. You can focus on the way they look in death or the way they lived their life. At most funerals the focus is on the casket and how the deceased looks. At a Walker Brothers funeral the focus is always on the way they lived.

Experiencing the loss of a loved one hurts, that is unavoidable and natural. Psychologists tell us that the best way to deal with today's pain is to focus on yesterday's joys. By recalling and celebrating the great stories of a person's life you are honoring their memory and coping with today's pain.

By celebrating the stories of a lifetime you are also getting ready for the day when you are ready to begin healing. Today you are not ready to heal but someday you will. Telling the stories, committing them to memory and passing them on to future generations allow your loved one to live on. Their legacy continues through their stories.

Many funeral homes ask families to bring in memorabilia to help personalize a service. But at Walker Brothers we take personalization to a new level by coaching the family members to use memorabilia as a way to tell carefully selected stories. For example, we don't just display a baseball cap we empower a grandson to tell the story of how grandpa took him to his first Yankee's game and we don't just display a recipe book we encourage everyone to talk about the meals grandma lovingly prepared.

Memorabilia is just a collection of objects. But the stories behind the memorabilia....priceless.