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  • A Life Remembered Funeral Service Guidelines

A Walker Brothers Family guideline offered exclusively to the families we serve.

1. Once you have made arrangements with your funeral director there are 3 areas that your family should consider:  

  • Review suggestions that your funeral director has given to you. The funeral director that is guiding you has extensive practice in creating a memorable funeral.
  • Talk amongst your family about appropriate religious beliefs or rituals that you would like to see incorporated into the service. When applicable this discussion would best be completed with the presence of the celebrant who will be leading us during the service.
  • Funerals are intended to be unique experiences that celebrate the life of the individual that we are honoring. Involve family and friends, they may feel honored to take part in the service.  

2. We will guide you on the appropriate time to arrive at the funeral home prior to the services commencing. A good rule is 30 minutes before the service is scheduled to begin. Certain requests that you may have made may change this time and we will advise you on what is best. 

  • Once your family and friends have arrived at the funeral home, feel free to greet guests as they arrive.
  • It is preferred that you make us aware of the number of  key family members so that seating considerations will be made by our staff to assure that you are all seated together. If there are any special requests or needs of any individuals, please communicate this to us so that we may anticipate their individual needs.
  • At the ending of the service we will make the necessary invitations to graveside services and/or funeral luncheons.  
  • Upon the completion of the services we will escort you into the lobby of our funeral home to greet people and thank them for their support. The lobby setting is most appropriate to do this as it lends itself to a very comfortable setting.
  • If we are continuing on to the cemetery our staff has already taken the care of lining up the cars in a manner that will give credence to family relationships as well as the needs of those who may need extra assistance. Our care in this area will be evidenced by all as they arrive at the funeral for the service. 

Creation of the Life Remembered Funeral Service

A Walker Brothers Family exclusive offering.

Music can be a powerful way to remember your loved one. You may use our selections or your own personal piece. Here is a link to help you browse through our selections -  CLICK HEREOnce you have chosen a song, please use the drop down below to input your selection. 

(may be religious, spiritual or in poem format) 

The time when our celebrant will share with us religious beliefs and relate them to your loved one. The better informed the celebrant is of your loved one, the more personal they will be able to make this time for you. Please use this section to share thoughts you would like the celebrant to share. (Ex: Hobbies, activities, memberships)

If there is a video tribute prepared, we will share the video  during this time of the service. This is a wonderful lead in for the following remembering period.

Family and friends will be welcomed to come forward to share their individual stories and memories about your loved one.  Having someone prepared to initiate the sharing helps make the audience feel more open to share their own stories. Anyone who has prepared a formal remembrance should remember to keep its duration between 3-5 minutes. Be general, cover as many brief overviews of your loved one as possible. The time for very detailed or specific stories is best suited for after the services have been completed, during the visitation or at the luncheon. Please use this section to list those who are prepared to speak. 


Example: Candle lighting ceremony

Funeral Home staff will thank your guests for their support. We will also make any concluding announcements. 

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