Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home Adds Kiosk to Share Memories

By: Milton Moyes
Thursday, December 29, 2016

We at Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home live and work by our motto, “A Life Remembered, Lives On,” and in that vein are constantly seeking out ways to enhance the remembrance of loved ones during the grieving process and as part of the overall funeral service. While the obituary, eulogy, and memorial are important components of remembrance, especially with regard to the funeral service, the memories and stories of the deceased are what best serve the bereaved through their grief and ensure that their remembered life lives on.

There is no getting around the immense pain experienced by the loss of a loved one, but the reminiscing of wonderful stories that made up a person’s life honors their memory, and acts as a healing balm for those left behind. Likewise, the kind words from family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and others who knew them or the family also help ease the pain and facilitate the grieving process.

Bartolomeo & Perotto has always encouraged family members and friends to help personalize funeral services by telling stories about their loved ones’ life, and in recent years has increasingly looked to technology to make it easier to share life stories, important memories, and to pass on words of love and condolence. Our online obituary service has emerged as a key technological tool that provides funeral service information, and options for ordering flowers and making charitable donations in memory of the deceased.

While the online obituary itself can tell important stories about their departed loved one, families are increasingly utilizing its video feature to share a memorial video or photo montage to help tell the decedents’ life story. Visitors to the site are also invited to leave their own memories and stories as part of their condolences, and can share their own photographs on the site. Such visual and written memories of the loved one serve as an important tribute and provide incredible comfort to their loved ones.

Bartolomeo & Perotto is now bringing the successful attributes of its online obituary service in-house with the installation of an interactive funeral kiosk, one of the first of its kind in funeral homes located in the Greece and Rochester, NY area. The kiosk will allow visitors to the funeral home to view the obituary, leave written condolences and memories, and create a video-recorded condolence message. Written messages are instantly available for viewing both on the kiosk and on the decedent’s online obituary page, while recorded messages are spliced together and uploaded to the web page within a day or two after the services.

Developed with the help of Rochester’s Empire Digital Signs, we believe that the kiosk will make it easier for people to share their memories and condolences with the bereaved. Oftentimes people hesitate with pen in hand when trying to come up with just the right words to express their sorrow, love, and fond memories. Not only can kiosk users receive instant inspiration by reviewing what endearments and memories other friends and family have conveyed on the kiosk about the departed, but they can personalize their message even further by utilizing the video function to record their condolences and memories. Such messages will undoubtedly provide further solace during their time of deepest emotional need.

If you have any questions about the kiosk or how to utilize it, feel free to ask any of our staff members. As our kiosk is fully customizable, we may upgrade it in the future to provide other services to assist grieving families and funeral service attendees. Bartolomeo & Perotto will also continue to investigate new emerging technologies that can help us deliver the best services to you and your loved ones. 

Finally, because Bartolomeo & Perotto Funeral Home realizes that many people find it difficult to come up with what they believe to be the best words for expressing both sorrow and support, we feel that we should offer a few words of encouragement to help you in your endeavor. Thus consider the following:

No matter what you write (or convey by video recording) it will be appreciated. Do not worry that your expressions of sorrow or any offers of support may be too short in lengthSimple sentiments such as he was a wonderful man,I will never forget her,I love you,and If theres anything I can dotruly can go a long way.

Do not hesitate to acknowledge the loss and pain. Death can create a sense of isolation in people, so by acknowledging the loss you help the bereaved feel less alone.

If possible, recollect and share a fond moment you enjoyed with the departed. Such memories give life to the departed and help the bereaved with the grieving process. Should the memory be too long to relate by writing or video recording, consider alluding to it in your message with a promise to share it with the bereaved in the near future.

While it may prove difficult to do, if recording a video message try to provide a smile of encouragement to relay the message of life goes on.To assist in this, prior to beginning the recording try to focus on an endearing moment shared with the departed.

For additional information that may help you with your condolences, whether online, by kiosk or in person, refer to our website article, “How to Help Someone who is Grieving,” by Dr. Bill Webster.


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