Selected Independent Funeral Home's annual convention

By: Dave Perotto
Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Joining Colleagues at the Annual Meeting of Selected Independent Funeral Homes

By David Perotto

I was among the many funeral service professionals participating in the 99th annual meeting of Selected Independent Funeral Homes which took place in Orlando, Florida on September 13-16. We engaged in a variety of informative study sessions, discussed insights and shared new ideas related to funeral care that I’m excited to implement. Some of the important topics focused on providing exceptional service, timely business advice and best practices.

Selected’s meeting provided a valuable opportunity to gather with fellow members from across North America and around the world. I always value the opportunity to gain new information and a better understanding of how to better serve our client families and the community.

Founded in 1917, originally as “National Selected Morticians,” Selected Independent Funeral Homes is the world’s oldest and largest association of independently owned funeral homes. Members of the association are expected to operate to specific standards and utilize best industry practices in order to provide the public with reliable, high-quality funeral services and funeral-related information.

“Our members pledge to uphold the Selected Independent Funeral Homes Code of Good Practice and are committed to the important responsibility they have to the families and communities they serve,” said Robert J. Paterkiewicz, Executive Director of Selected Independent Funeral Homes.” Being a part of this organization is a tradition of trust that the Perotto family is honored to be a part of for 20 years.

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