STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Andrea "Anne" Ruggieri, Marketing & Administraton, Soccer MOM, Lacrosse MOM

By: Andrea Ruggieri
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hard to believe it’s been almost exactly two years working with the Perottos and the rest of the assorted and colorful crew at Bartolomeo & Perotto (aka: “Bart’s”) funeral home. In a previous blog I wrote on my initial confusion and commitment to working in the funeral care business. …and, I also stated how my thought direction transformed. I’ve more than crossed that bridge of revelation and consideration for this very necessary and very important service. I am proud to work within a people-centered organization that helps families in one of their greatest time of need.

So you may ask, what led up to my path in funeral care? 20 plus years in Graphic Design, Print Management, Marketing, Photography, Writing, Editing, Web Content Management…. Yes, I’ve had a long career in creative-driven fields. Now, I am supporting that initiative here at Bart’s. I’d love if you’ve had an opportunity to read one or two of my blogs posted on the Bartolomeo & Perotto website as well as the Facebook page. I don’t write them all, but also enjoy reading and editing funeral industry-related pieces written by other published authors we hire for that purpose. I feel a great way to give continued support and care to our families is to feed them informative, relatable blogs and interesting reads that help them also understand the various ins and outs of the funeral care. And here and there I’ll throw in a blog about one of our staff… we like you to get to know us! The staff here at the funeral home truly are more than just people in suits. I enjoy highlighting our staff in “Staff Spotlights.” This a vital avenue for showing a more authentic view of the people that work here.

Here’s a little tidbit, my name is Andrea. I go by “Anne” at the funeral home to avoid confusion, as there are two Andreas (two Joes too!). Never in my life have I ever worked with another Andrea until my time here. Not only do we share the same first name, but we share many of the same Administrative work duties. We’re both creative-minded and lend our talents to enhancing communication and support to our families here at the funeral home. I focus on Marketing, she leads an Art Therapy grief support group, we both have degrees in fine arts, both share the experience of losing our mother and both are the youngest sibling in our families. For as much as we share, we certainly balance out in differences, but ultimately, we complement each other.

Have you “LIKED” us on Facebook? (a shameless plug…), some of those newsfeed posts are created by an on-staff Graphic Artist (…that’s me!). You may see a printed marketing piece or two that has my stamp on it as well. Finding effective and creative ways to communicate and nourish this important organization is a passion of mine and I’m happy to be a part of it.

What else is there below the surface and beyond my professional aspirations? Ah yes, here it comes… wait for it, SOCCER MOM, LACROSSE MOM. The two most feared titles in modern-day America! It’s unfortunate, those terms have a bad rap…  Truth be told, we’re a tight-knit, fun-loving group. True, there may be times the referees consider throwing US out of the game for “questionable” calls against our children, true also that our own children may want us to back away from the field when they get run over by the opposite team (so we get a little nervous?!...). Who says hurdling the fence to get to their wounded offspring is so wrong? All kidding aside, I have managed to conduct myself in a reputable fashion where neither of my girls have banned me from their games. If I could only tally the number of practices and games I’ve driven them to and attended over the span of my daughter’s lives (the elder is almost 21), I’m sure it would result in a multi-digit number that certainly would blow my mind. But I wouldn’t change it for the world, my husband Chris (Teacher & Baseball Coach) & I, together almost 23 years, have enjoyed every windy, rainy, cold and if we’re lucky… sunny athletic competition throughout their high school, and now college careers.

Our two daughters Ally, 20 and Erika, 18 are very central to our lives. We couldn’t have better kids, for that we are blessed! They made it through their childhood, adolescent and teenage years mostly happily and with the occasional parent challenge. Where would we be without life’s challenges?! We revel in the adversity and are excited as they begin their adult lives and strive toward their own life goals.

Things I enjoy when I’m not working:  my family, making memories at our Otisco Lake cottage, sailing in my Sunfish & other lake sports, lifelong friends, my furry four-legged friends, reading, writing and photography. Photography is my calming force, I truly enjoy finding those classic shots that capture amazing light, expressions, emotion, action and peace.

As I dive into middle-age (that hurts to admit) and say goodbye to a more youthful era with small children, birthday parties, sticky hands and books at bedtime, I do so with teary eyes, but also look forward with hope and warmth for what lies ahead.


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